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Aesthetic treatments


Dental veneers are thing layers of ceramic or composite material that mimic enamel and adhere to the tooth.

The main function of this is the correction of any type of defect, whether in shape or color. The goal is to provide you with a natural and aesthetic smile.



This treatment in question corrects problems with receding gums and modifies its silhouette, giving it a better aesthetic.



There are numerous benefits that dental implants give to health, without forgetting the importance of the aesthetic function that it fulfills, we return the natural beauty to your smile.

At the INSTITUTE OF MAXILOFACIAL SURGERY, DENTISTRY AND OFTALMOLOGY IMOOM we only use high quality materials, our aim is to give you a natural and aesthetic smile. We use composites suitable for vegans.



There are factors that deteriorate our teeth, eroding and losing their natural color. This treatment allows you to give a more desirable color to your teeth.

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