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Kids odontology Treatments

The aim of our children’s dentistry treatments is to achieve an optimal state of oral health, and to this end, we strive to make the child’s visit as pleasant as possible.

To ensure the best dental health and hygiene for the child patient, we focus on the main treatments and regular check-ups.



Are eliminated by fillings, in this way pain, phlegmons and even the lost of the tooth are avoided.

In the case of a more extensive cavities, it may be necessary to treat the nerve or carry out a reconstruction of the lost molar using crowns or veneers.

When the preservation of the milk tooth is not possible, we will study the most conservative and less invasive alternative until the appearance of the definitive tooth. 


Children are much more likely to suffer dental trauma, which must also be treated urgently, since the survival of the tooth depends on the time elapsed between the blow and the dentist’s intervention.

As a solution to this problem, we will rebuild the fractured tooth and proceed to monitor it with X-rays and periodic check ups, and even nerve treatment. Given the need to fix the tooth , we will do it with a mouthgard

The dental health of the adult can depend in-wild-measure on the prevention and the follow up in the childhood stage.  

For this reason, we recommend the following preventive treatments for Children’s Dentistry:

  • Make the first visit to the dentist at approximately 3 years old.
  • Dental check-ups every 6 to 12 months.
  • Apply fissure sealants to permanent molars if necessary.

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