Your gum pain can be solved

Gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis are some of the most common causes of tooth loss.

If you want to solve all your gum problems painlessly, put yourself in the hands of our specialists. You will recover your smile immediately.

The experience of the team of doctors Martínez as well as the facilities of the Institute of Maxillofacial Surgery, Odontology and Ophthalmology IMOOM with its pioneering technology offer you the best guarantee.


When treating gingivitis incorrectly caused by the accumulation of bacteria on the gum in the form of tartar), diseases such as periodontitis or pyorrhea are possible.

In the case of a mild periodontitis, at the IMOOM Institute of Maxillofacial Surgery Dentistry and bophthalmology we perform previous periodontal study, followed by prophylaxis, deep professional cleaning, as well as scaling and root planing. 

In more severe cases, it will also be essential to perform periodontal surgery, with the aim of bone recovery or protection of the uncovered area where there is a lack of gum.


We perform this type of periodontic treatment to solve both health and aesthetic problems:

  • It covers the part of the root of the tooth that has been unprotected from dental plaque and bacteria, achieving a considerable improvement in your oral health.
  •  As the area is equalized with the rest of the gums, we are able to recover the natural beauty of the smile.
  • Prevents tooth sensitivity.
  • It prevents aesthetic problems and prolongs the life of your teeth.


It is a surgical procedure where ibis practiced an incision in-the-gums in order to achieve coronal lengthening, improving the aesthetics of the mouth. 

In this way we correct the characteristic gummy smile caused by excessive exposure of the gums when smiling.

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